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MIK-RX4000D 16-Channel paperless recorder
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Unlike conventional record that record data on charts, the Instrument displays the measured data acquired in the internal memory to a LCD in the form of waveforms, numerical values, and bar graphs. The measured data can also be saved to external storage media such as U Disk. The data that have been saved to an external storage medium can be displayed on a PC using the standard software that comes with the package. By using the RS232C or RS485 interface that comes standard with the Instrument, the data can be transferred to a PC (client function).
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Input impendance:Standard current signal input 250 ohm,other signal input>20M ohm
Isolation:Channel and GND isolation voltage>500VAC;
Channel and channer isolation voltage>250VAC
Power supply:AC voltage 100-240VAC, Frequency 47-63Hz   The maximum power consumption 30VA
Alarm output:250VAC,3A relay
Watchdog:Integrated Watchdog chip to assure the system stable
RTC:Using hardware real time clock and  Lithium battery when the power off, maximum error;1min/month
Powe fail safeguard:Data is saved in the Flash storage needn't the backup battery. Every data will not be missed in case off poweroff.
Communication:interface:RS-485 or RS-232
Sampling period:1s
Display:5.6 inch LCD screen
Size:boundary dimension 144mm*144mm*220mm
perfprate dimension 138mm*38mm
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RX4000D Paperless recorder
 2       2 channel output
 4       4 channel output
 6       6 channel output
 8       8 channel output
 10       10 channel output
 16       12 channel output
Frequency Input  F0      None
  F1      1 frequency input
  F2      2 frequency input
Alarm output   0     None
   2     2 channel alarm output
   4     4 channel alarm output
   12     12 channel alarm output
Flow operation    O    None
    L    Flow operation
    F    Temperature compensation
Communication     T0   None
     T1   RS-232
     T2   RS-485
     T3   RS-232 printng
Power output      P0  None
      P1  1 channel power output
      P2  2 channel power output
      P3  3 channel power output
      P4  4 channel power output
USB connection       0 None
       1 USB
Power supply        AAC220V
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