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MIK-RX8000D 40-channel paperless recorder
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MIK-RX8000D is with a large 10.4' LCD color dispaly, it can display the measured /computed data acquired in the internal memory to a LCD. The measured data can also be saved to external storage media such as U Disk (option). Measured/ operational data can be used as displayed data stored in the memory, or you can also insert the external storage to save it in the external storage media through the manual backup. Displayed data is shown as curves and other data on meter screen. It is the data filter out from the samples by the instrument. A datum is equivalent to a point on the curve of the screen. The time of a datum is determined by recorded meter intervals. Historical data is equivalent to the original recording paper, which is very suitable for long-time observation.
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Paperless recorder connected with Armored thermal resistance or thermocouple can measure the temperature of the industrial site.

Paperless recorder connected with pressure transmitter can measure pipeline pressure.

Paperless recorder connected with level transmitter or thermal resistance & thermocouple



Channel:1-40 (option)
Storage capacity32M, 64M, 128M (option)
Isolation:channel and GND isolation voltage>500VAC;
Channel and channer isolation voltage>250VAC
Power supply:Voltage: 100-240VAC; Frequency: 47-63HZ; Maximum power consumption: 30VA
Alarm output:250VAC,3A relay (<=24 channel)
Watchdog:integrated Watchdog chip to assure the system stable
Powe fail safeguard:Data is saved in the Flash storage needn't the backup battery. Every data will not be missed in case off poweroff.
Communication:interface:RS-485/ RS-232/ Printer/Ethernet   
Sampling period:1s
Record:1s-4h (option)
Display:10.4 inches
Size:boundary dimension 288mm*288mm*244mm
perfprate dimension 282mm*282mm

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 04      4 channel output

 08      8 channel output

 12      12 channel output

 ...      ...

 40      40 channel output

Imitate output  A0     none

  A1     1 channel imitate output

  A2     2 channel imitate output

  A3     3 channel imitate output

  &hellip;     &hellip;

  A8     8 channel imitate output

Alarm output   00    None

   04    4 Channel relay output

   08    8 Channel relay output

   12    12 Channel relay output

   16    16 Channel relay output

   &hellip;    &hellip;

   36    36 Channel relay output

Communication    T0   None

    T1   RS-232

    T2   RS-485

    T3   RS-232 Printing

    T4   Ethernet

Power output     P0  None

     P4  4 Channel power output

     P8  8 Channel power output

     P12  12 Channel power output

USB connection      0 None


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