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MIK-R1200 Chart recorder
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MIK-R1200 chart recorder is a precision measuring instrument with perfect definition, high precision, and reliable, multi-functions, easy operated by using unique heat-printing record and advanced technology of microprocessor controlling. It can be recorded and printed uninterrupted.

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Product Details
Product Description
Product  Paper recorder
  Model SUP-R1200
  Display LCD display screen
  Input Voltage: (0-5)V/(1-5)V/(0-20)mV/(0-100)mV

 Electric current : (0-10)mA/(4-20)mA

 Thermocouple: B,E,K,S,T

 Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, Cu100

  Output Up to 2 current output channels( 4 to 20mA)
  Sampling period 600ms
  Chart speed 10mm/h -- 1990mm/h
  Communication RS 232/RS485 (need Customization)
  Power supply 220VAC; 24VDC
  Precision 0.2%FS

  Shorter mounting depth 


  DIN panel cutout


MIK-R1200 chart recorder embodies many functions, such as signal processing, display, printing, alarming and so on, and it is an ideal device to collect, analyze and store data and information in industrial processes. This device is mainly applied on the industrial spots like metallurgy, petrol, chemicals, building material, paper-making, food, medicine, heat or water treatment industry.



Rich information is presented simultaneously, such as timing, data, chart, and alarming and so on; two types of display: set-channel and circular

-Input function: 

A maximum of 8 universal channels, receiving many types of signals like current voltage, thermocouple and thermal resistance and so on.


A maximum of 8 relay alarms

-Power supply: 

A maximum of 1 channel power output at 24 voltage.


The imported vibration-resistant thermal printer has 832 thermal printing points within 104 mm and it has zero consumption of pens or ink and no errors caused by the pen’s position; It records in the form of data or charts and for the latter form, it also prints scale label and channel tag.

-Real-time timing: 

The high accurate clock can work normally when the power is shut down.

-Separate channel charts: 

By setting up the recording margin, different channel charts are separated.

-Chart speed: 

Free setting range of 10-2000mm/h.