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MIK-P3000 Pressure transmitter
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MIK-3000 Pressure transmitter uses the unique and proven silicon sensor with state-of-the-art digital processing to provide exceptional performance in terms of accuracy, long term stability and functionalities. -0.1MPa~40MPa full detection range.

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Product Details
Product Description
Product Pressure transmitter
 Measure range-0.1MPa~40MPa
 Indication  resolution0.075%
 Ambient temperature-10 ~ 85 ℃
 Output signal4-20ma analog output / with HART communication
 Diaphragm material316L stainless steel Hastelloy C (custom)
 Process connection316L stainless steel
 Fill oilSilicone oil
 Power supply24VDC 


MIK-P3000 pressure transmitter through corrugated, isolated diaphragm and filling oil, process media is pressurized to diaphragm of pressure sensor. The other end of pressure sensor diaphragm is connected to the air (for gauge measurement) or vacuum(for absolute measurement). In such way, it makes the resistor of sensor die change so that the detection system outputs different voltage. The output voltage is in proportion to the pressure variation, and then it is transmitted to standard output by adapter and amplifier.