Submersible level meter
MIK-P260G High temp type submersible level meter
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MIK-P260G series water level meter are completely sealed for submersion in liquid, can be used to measure water level, well depth, groundwater leverl and so on, common accracy is 0.5%FS,with voltage or 4-20mA output signals

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Product Details
Product Description
Product Level transmitter
 Measure range0 ~ 1m; 0 ~ 3m; 0 ~ 5m; 0 ~ 10m (Max 80m)
 Indication  resolution0.5%
 Working temperature0℃~150℃
 Output signal4-20mA
 Pressure overload150%FS
 Power supply24VDC
 Overall materialCore: 316L; Shell: 304 material


  1. Compact shape, accurate measurement. According to fluid mechanics, the use of cylindrical arc shape, the effective media to the impact of the probe down to reduce the impact of probe shaking on the measurement stability

  2. Multiple waterproof and dustproof.

    The first protective layer: 316L sensor diaphragm, seamless connection, to ensure that the lead and the sensor probe waterproof;

    Second protective layer: pressure pipe design, to ensure that the protective layer and the lead paste clothes, waterproof, dustproof;

    Third protective layer: 316L material, seamless connection, to ensure that the lead and the shield seamless connection, confined, nondestructive design;

    Fourth protective layer: high-quality, sophisticated shielding layer, sophisticated waterproof technology to ensure that no liquid leak detection;

    Fifth protective layer: 12mm bold high-quality waterproof line, the service life of up to 5 years, long-term immersion in the water is not corrosive, durable, not damaged.

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